Tuesday, August 17, 2010

Incident Report, 8-17-10

First of all, it's been so long since I last posted anything that I forgot my login ID.

1. Went to visit BF/R the last week, a three hour drive. Made it all the way to her city limits without spilling a thing. A few miles in to the city, spilled coffee all over my linen pants.

2. Had dinner with a friend last night. She accidentally spilled her water glass, and almost all 12 ounces or so landed on me. Not one drop landed on her.

3. Gave presentation at city council meeting the other night and used the word "hooligans." Looked up to see city council member about to break into laughter, told him not to laugh at me. After the meeting, the council member, the mayor, and a Planning & Zoning Commissioner came up to me (separately) to make fun of me for using that word.

4. Dropped a piece of ginger candy in my car somewhere, and it has probably melted into the floor.

5. As I was leaving work today, walked across our small parking lot toward where I thought my car was. A co-worker said, "Where are you going? Your car's over there."

6. Accidentally cut my wrist (mildly) on broken t.v. antenna. Stupid rabbit ears.

7. Offended my mother by not telling her I had my esophagus dilated again until after the procedure was already over.