Thursday, October 25, 2012

I think I may have some free time soon.

There's something stuck in my keyboard.  It was obstructing my use of the "f" key.  I used one of those air cans on the keyboard tonight, but at some point the pressure from the can shot out the little straw thingy that makes the whole thing work, and now there's no way to use the air can.  Can't find the straw thingy.  The whatever-it-was under the "f" key is now firmly wedged beneath the "g" key.  Bother.

In other news, my life has gone on much the same as usual, except that this week I've thrown caution to the wind and eaten more than I should (actually, scratch that, that part is not an exception to the usual), and the pants are getting a wee bit snug.  But, oh, my, the peanut butter sure has tasted good, especially when paired with chocolate ice cream (I love peanut butter week!).  It's a good thing the only ice cream JLR and I can both eat comes in a small container. It's also a good thing we're on a rotation diet and can't eat peanut butter very often.

Why are there so many "g"s in the English language?

Anyhow, free time coming soon!  I have a few days off from work next week, and it's affecting my work this week.  I keep thinking every day is the day before vacation.  Unfortunately, I have oh-so-much work due before I leave.  Oh, well!  Working all weekend it is, then...but working all weekend with snacks, coffee, and fall weather.  So it could be worse.

Also, can I just protest the cool weather scheduled to be here over the next few days, when I could be wearing skirts and cute tights to work? But it's the weekend, so that's not happening.  I do not wear skirts on the weekend if I can help it.

And that's all I can think of to say.  Good night, everyone!