Monday, November 28, 2011

Nice Try, But No, Thanks

I'm not giving you my cell phone number, Google. If I lose my password, you can send it to my backup email address, and if you won't do that, I'll just wash my hands of my blog. Seriously. You're not getting my mobile number, so stop asking.


Sunday, November 20, 2011

Incidents and Other Stuff

Work lately has been, I don't know, sort of...totally and completely out of control. It's always busy, mind you, but lately it's as though I'm behind and will never catch up. It's completely frustrating, but at least at the mandatory office holiday party (such fun! required merriment!), we'll be having sushi so that there's something I can eat, too. We're going to make the sushi ourselves, and several of the people participating have never made their own sushi before. They'll be looking to me for guidance, and since my sushi often turns out rather squishy looking and uneven, I'm afraid they'll be disappointed in my ability to lead them to new heights of sushi fantastic-ness. Should be interesting.

The other day, this happened:
1. Forgot to post the agenda for a board meeting with the required amount of notice, had to cancel the meeting, and had to tell everyone the meeting was cancelled because I forgot a very important task.
2. Locked my keys in the car. Wasn't too bad, since I'd left my windows rolled down, but it was a case of "Of course this happened, because that's how this day is going."
3. Paper cut.
4. Lots of other stuff I can't remember now, but it was more of items 1 and 2.


Last week, we held an exploratory meeting about creating an historical society, and I think this is actually going to happen! At the meeting, I used the word "hankering," and the mayor made sure to make fun of me for saying it. In a nice way, but also making it clear he still remembered the time I'd used the word "hooligans" in a public meeting. Yikes, that reminds me, I need to get cracking on those articles of incorporation.

On Friday, I was supposed to go to a subcommittee meeting with a bunch of other planners from other cities in the area to work on programs for an event we have coming up, but my boss threw something at me at the last minute, and I had to skip the meeting, even though I'd said I'd be there. This is the second time this has happened. I'm so embarrassed, y'all. I think I might have to resign from the subcommittee. Either that, or get the courage the next time this happens to tell my boss that I can't do the last minute thing he needs me to do in the next couple of hours because I've already committed to being elsewhere. *Sigh.* I really need to do the latter, but I'm afraid it will be the former.

In more positive news, I'm doing my laundry today, so I'm finally whittling down the scary, scary pile of dirty clothes in my closet. And if all goes well, I may even vacuum. Hurray for a clean house!

Yesterday, JLR and I went to the grocery store, and one of the employees who saw us looking for a bottle of makoli said, "Ladies, we'll be having a tasting tomorrow if you want to come back." He said "ladies" in a way that sounded very much like "Hi, dear little old ladies." Good to know I'm already approaching the age when I'm considered past usefulness but worthy of politeness.

I sure wish there were something interesting going on that I could tell you about. Um... (thinking....thinking...thinking...) no. There's nothing. Oh, wait, my grandmother is still in the rehabilitation facility recovering from her hip surgery, but she is doing much, much better. And...there's nothing else. Maybe next time.