Friday, August 14, 2009

Ha Ha, You Will Not Compress My Old Files!

God bless those folks over at Halff. They’re happy to answer my GIS questions as best they can. I say “as best they can” not to disparage their ability to use GIS but rather to indicate the number of GIS-related issues I’ve been having that don’t seem to have an obvious solution. You know the kind; you explain the problem to the tech people, they offer a solution, you tell them you’ve already tried that (many times), and they say, “Huh. That should have worked.”

Anyway, so I’ve been having some computer-ish problems. And this only serves to remind me that I’ve already reached that stage in life when new technologies (or updates to old ones) leave one completely baffled. For instance, on Facebook, I cannot figure out how to figure out what groups I’m in.

This is me on Facebook (see red part of the pie chart):

(Thank you, GraphJam). []

My point in saying all this is that just now, when I ran a Disk Cleanup, I refused to let the computer compress my old files. I’m sure this would help my computer a lot, but somehow, it just seems like it would mess up my files, that somehow my files will be lower in quality. I know this is unreasonable, but I can’t help feeling that way, and so no, thank you, do not compress my old files, Computer. I saw that you checked that little box to compress them, but I’m unchecking it. Oh, yes.

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Incident Report, 08.11.09

1. Spilled coffee on my pants.
2. Spilled coffee on my shirt and pants.
3. Left out a few words from a legal notice for a public hearing, and now we have to re-run the ad ($) and postpone the hearing. I think the notice was still good, but my supervisor disagrees, and so I had to make the "I'm sorry we can't hear your case yet" phone call to the applicant. All this after our finance director explicitly told all departments they need to be extra careful about sticking to their projected expenditures for the rest of the fiscal year.
4. Was really excited to find an elementary school classmate on Facebook and added him to my friends list, only to discover after reading his profile and wall postings that we have just as little in common now as we did 12 years ago, and maybe reconnecting wasn't a good idea after all. Could be awkward. His status messages all seem to be about partying, drinking, and Prodigy, and my status messages do not. (But I used to think one of the guys from Prodigy was cute; does that count for something?)
5. Hit self in face with windshield sun blocker thing, hope none of my co-workers saw it.

But at least I didn't fall down, right?