I have this pair of pants (or trouser pants, if you're my sister's former classmate) that I love but that spend a lot more time being worn by a hanger than by me. The pants are a cute cut and fit, are flattering, and make me feel confident in having a neat, professional (yet stylish) appearance when I wear them. But there's an obstacle between me and The Wearing. It's The Ironing. Or to be more accurate since I rarely use my iron, The Steaming, due to The Wrinkles.

Every time I wash these pants, they become so wrinkled, it would take me 15 or 20 minutes with the steamer if I were to take the time to get all the wrinkles out. Even removing enough wrinkles to make the pants passable to wear to work takes about 10 minutes. So I wash the pants and then let them hang in the closet for a month. Once I've gone through the trouble of getting The Wrinkles out, I don't want to wash the pants, because that will make the wrinkles come back. So they end up being worn more times than they should without being laundered. It's an ongoing problem.

I know, I know, #firstworldproblems.

So why I am talking about this on my blog? Because I don't have much of interest going on, and this pants thing has been on my mind.

What about you, oh Internets? Anything in your closet that you can't part with but that you won't wear?