Monday, December 19, 2011

Goodbye, little baby tooth. Hello, hillbilly jokes.

I have several of my baby teeth left, and most of them are in fairly good shape, but one loose tooth has been hanging on in the front of my mouth since, well, since it grew in when I was just a wee little thing. Well, it *was* hanging on. As of this afternoon, it is no longer a resident of my mouth and is instead now resting in peace in a green tooth-shaped plastic container in my handbag.

I knocked the tooth loose when I was a young 'un, and it hung on for another 20 years. Twenty years, I kid you not. During my regular checkup a few weeks ago, my dentist noted the baby tooth had held on for about as long as it could, and it was time for it to go. This afternoon, she yanked it out. A co-worker offered to pull it for me, and I could have saved the cost of going to the dentist, but I prefer the kind of tooth pulling that comes with numbing the surrounding area first.

Now I have a minor gap where the tooth used to hang out. It's really not much of a gap, since the surrounding grown-up teeth had already shoved the baby tooth out of their way, and it has been leaning forward for years, as if trying to keep its options open, willing to stay if things are good but ready to jump ship if relations with neighboring teeth went sour.

Loosing the tooth wasn't too bad, but dang it if I don't feel queasy from the numbing stuff they gave me. Yuck. But that's okay. I'll just eat a whole package of chebe rolls and then I'll feel better. Right?

In other news, JLR and I had this conversation tonight.
Me: I forgot to put salt in the rice when I was making it, so I just put in rice in the rice in my bowl. I mean, I put salt in the rice. Do you want me to put rice in your --salt, SALT, do you want me to put SALT in yours?
JLR: Yes, thanks. Gosh, that was about a 9 on the ol' tension, [RR]. I mean, on the tension scale [if you're familiar with The Burbs, you'll realize she misspoke].
And then we each said something else wrong, I don't remember what, but we are doing really well tonight. Really extra special well. Oh my word, you'd think we've been drinking. It's not really funny in the re-telling, but believe you me, it's, well, actually, it's not really funny in the moment, either. It's actually quite annoying. It's funny later, though, when JLR starts wondering if our carbon monoxide detector is broken. I guess that's not really funny either. I just took half a benadryl 'cause JLR says my face is looking a little puffy, and she's thinks it's the peanut butter.

Good night, y'all!