Tuesday, October 25, 2011

To-Do Lists, So Far This Week

Sunday’s to-do list

  1. Work -- DONE
  2. Go to grocery store -- DONE
  3. Eat enough cayenne-dusted almonds to make my lips burn and my stomach hurt -- DONE
  4. Follow item (3) with eating spicy ginger candy -- DONE
  5. Work some more -- DONE
  6. For dinner, eat homemade pizza with chili pepper olive oil spread on the crust, followed by pepper paste sauce with wasabi and cheese made with peppers -- DONE
  7. Re-consider my food options for the day, considering I have a medical condition that calls for avoiding irritating my esophagus as much as possible --DONE

Monday’s to-do list

  1. Work – DONE
  2. Go home on lunch break to check to see if expensive, allergy-friendly candy had been delivered, put in ‘fridge -- DONE
  3. Attend first historical society meeting in city where I work—DONE!

Today’s to-do list

  1. Don’t get sick from flu shot--PENDING