Sunday, July 24, 2011

Hang on, Wally, RR's having a bit of a crise right now.

--said JLR to Wally at meal time

I have a cold, y'all. I have a cold that came on at the same time I was getting over a disagreement with my digestive system, and I am not happy about it. Look out, y'all! It's making me cranky, and cranky = whiny. At least I've gotten past the part where every time I look down, stuff runs out of my nose (sure made things more interesting when trying to take notes during four hours worth of meetings on Friday). Now I'm just at the point where I've hurt my neck from the gale-force sneezing. I hurt my neck, y'all. From sneezing.

In other news, I think I'm generally healthy, over all. Went to the family doctor last month for my annual see if I'm still okay appointment and discovered I am supposedly a 1/4 inch shorter, but I'm sorry, I refuse to believe that. They already took a 1/4 inch away from me last year, I'm not giving up another one this early in the game. I'm not even 40 yet! So I'm still telling people (when asked) that I'm 5' 4 1/2". Also, my doctor gently scolded me for not coming in for follow-up blood work like I was supposed to last year and for not refilling my Vitamin D.

Doctor: Your Vitamin D level was 9.
Me: Oh, is that...What is it supposed to be?
Doctor: It should be around 40. You were at 9 (said with concern physician expression).
Me: Oh.
Doctor: Promise me you'll take your supplement and come in next month for blood work.
Me: Okay.
Doctor: Promise.

And last week, I receive a reminder from my gastroenterologist that it's time to come in for my annual check-up. JLR laughed. She laughed because my doctor no longer trusts me. Last year when I went for my check up, it was the first time I'd been in three years. The doctor, he was not thrilled. And now that he knows I won't go if someone doesn't tell me I need to go, I've been added to a mailing list. Apparently. But I feel so silly when I go in for these appointments! I don't notice symptoms, so when the doctor asks me if I've had any changes or symptoms in the past year, I have to say I don't know, I'm too oblivious to notice things like chronic reflux, so I guess you'll just have to do a scope. (insert nervous laughter) Good thing my doctor is super nice.

Last week, my supervisor left me deal with a customer who was angry with him. They have a history of not being happy with each other, and after my supervisor exchanged about 5 sentences with the guy, he just walked out. Left the building and went home. Now, to be fair to him, he was sick. He hadn't kept any food down that day. But just the same, a text message or email saying "sorry I left you to deal with the person who is angry at me" would have been nice.

In more positive news, my sweet potato plants and cannas are still alive! One of the sweet potato plants has been eaten quite a bit by bugs, but it's still alive, by golly. I'm also growing an oak tree. Most folks pull those out when they start growing amongst their plants, but I'm so happy to have another living plant, I let it stick around. The rosemary is not doing so well. I think I may need to move it? Maybe? Plant-y people seem to do that when some of their plants aren't doing well, right? 'Cause maybe it needs more shade? Or better soil?

And finally, my good friend MJ may be out of the country this summer, but that doesn't mean we can't still see each other. We've been talking once a week by Skype. The only trouble with it is that sometimes her mom will pop into the conversation to say hi, and since we video chat, I have to make sure my house is clean before talking to MJ. I can't let her mom see I'm a slob. MJ knows, but her mom doesn't need to know, too.