Tuesday, October 19, 2010


Went to New York. Had fun. Ate at some places with allergy-free (for me) food.
Went to San Antonio for a conference. Hotel was...okay. But ate at two restaurants that have allergy-free (for me) food.

At the post office, bought stamps, and when the post office employee asked me which stamps I wanted, I lied and said I wanted the painting ones (forget which). Although they were pretty stamps, what I really wanted was the Negro league baseball stamps, but since I'm white and the post office employee was African-American, I felt I'd be one of those "I'll prove to you that I appreciate your heritage" kind of people, and couldn't do it. Blah. Felt silly and wished I'd had the nerve to ask for the stamps I really wanted.

Not happy to be back at work after two weeks away. Also, and I'm not trying to make a joke out of this, I am serious about this beginning to seem like an issue to be concerned about:
Two weeks ago, one co-worker's grandmother passed away. Last week, one of my colleagues passed away unexpectedly. The week before that, another co-worker's spouse passed away. And this past weekend, another co-worker's father-in-law died. I'm starting to wonder if my office is under some sort of attack, and I'm only about 5% kidding when I say that.

Saw "Man from Nowhere" last weekend. It was fantastic. Very violent, and I had to not only close my eyes but plug my ears a few times, but also really, really well-done.