Tuesday, January 13, 2015

It's okay if you don't like coffee, really. Just don't volunteer to make the coffee.

I opened my draft posts file recently and saw the above title.  No text, just the title.  I wrote the title three years ago, but I'm guessing I know who the post referred to. I have a co-worker (a few co-workers, actually) who insists on using a measly three scoops -- three scoops! -- for an entire pot of coffee.  That is coffee-flavored water, not coffee.  How do people stand drinking it?

Doesn't matter. I bought my own mini coffee pot for the office so I don't have to drink the excuse-for-coffee they make at work. I try not to let it bother me, but I have to admit that sometimes it still does. I think what bothers me about it is that they won't admit they like really weak coffee. They think I like really strong coffee. And I do like strong coffee, but I also like regular, non-extra-potent coffee.  I like coffee. They like flavored water. Why are they too embarrassed to admit it?


Deals On Wheels said...

I just had my first half cup of coffee in five months. It was heavenly.

Don't judge, though. It was measly three scoop Folgers. Gotta' start somewhere, right?

Also, I miss you. The end.

RR said...

You do have to start somewhere! And welcome back to the coffee world. It has missed you, and so have I. I miss having someone to wait around the coffee pot with. People in this part of the world are much too perky pre-morning coffee. I miss someone urging me to go running. Not that I want to go running, but that's why I need someone who takes away my excuses. Once I no longer have my old, old car and can make it out to Dallas more than once a year, I will be in touch about scheduling a get together. The end.